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The Tenth Muse (The Aphrodite Project Book 1) - Belinda McBride

An ARC of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

When Eros does a fashion show where he presents his real wing, his mother, Aphrodite knows she'll have to do damage control by getting Eros to come back to Olympus before the other pantheons take matter into their own hands. But she knows Eros won't come back on his own. So she enlists the help of Rees, her best friend's son. Rees has been feeling listless and is more than willing to act as one of Aphrodite's hunters.

The moment Eros and Rees meet, the two take an immediate liking to each other. Rees is nothing like anyone Eros has encountered and before he knows it Rees is in his every thought. Rees is a bit cautious with his friendship with Eros since he believes Eros is stuck on Rosa, the reincarnation of his beloved wife, Psyche. But Rosa is nothing like Eros beloved Pschye and he finds himself unable to keep away from Rees.

Rees is enjoying his time with Eros and doing set work but fears the day he must confess to Eros. When the truth comes out things look dire. Rees finds himself left alone and in that time he's kidnapped by an unhinged artist. It's up to Eros and the other to figure out who captured Rees and get him back before he succumbs.

I'm really off (not up to date) on my Greek/Roman mythology so I had to do a bit of researching on my own to get the back story for some of the characters in the book since they weren't the focus of the story.

That being said, I really really enjoyed this book. I liked reading Eros and Rees meeting and getting to know each other somewhat. Then being mature enough to state what they expect from their relationship. I liked how all the characters (gods, demi-gods) had a part in their lives and the revelations concerning Herma, Rees and Eros. It was unexpected but a very nice surprise especially in Rees' case. It was very easy to get sucked into this book.

I did have some issues with it though. I thought Eros name in the human word was a bit uninventive. He named himself Eros Stephanopoulos...he introduced his own brother as Herma...I think it would have been easy for any nut to make a comparison to who they were. Ugh, the irony! It was just one of those scenarios to hide in plain sight (made me think of batman and superman >.<)

It was a great story and the ending was sweet. I would recommend it to anyone who love/likes anything to do with Greek/Roman mythology and a story with a good twist.


Overboard - Sierra Riley An ARC was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

From the blurb I assumed the speed dating happened on a cruise. When I first started reading it really wasn't that clear where they were until Duncan (or Nunya Business) stormed off.

Sebastian came off a bit like a kicked puppy. He was cute when he was flirting with Duncan and when he was trailing after Duncan just while he was working on his basement. The instalove/lust that Sebastian felt really was a bit unexpected as it was for Sebastian.

I admit the author managed to fool me when she mentioned Jason twice. Once as the guy who stiffed Duncan and the other times as Katey's fiancee. I kind of thought it was mistake until it came clearer later on. Jason was a real piece of work and I really was hating on him.

For a second while reading I kind of thought there was a bit of a pride and prejudice feeling going on with how quickly Duncan and Sebastian kept on passing judgment on each other and throwing around accusations.

The last few chapters was really taxing on me. Up to that point, I had been enjoying the book but once I got to Duncan doubting Sebastian at the words of Jason things just started going downhill. For me, it became a hot hot mess. There was a lot happening: three confrontations, the break ups, and the marriage proposal. I was so angry by the time I got to 94% of the book that I didn't think I could finish it.

Broken Time (Coastal Charm Book 3)

Broken Time (Coastal Charm Book 3) - Casey Ashwood An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Brody was first introduced in Book 2 Keyed In as the drunk that Sebastian would always lookout for.

This story really revolves around the personal growth of Brody and him coming to terms with his sexuality. No change is easy but with the return of his best friend/ex-boyfriend (well first and only boyfriend), Luke, Brody is more determined than ever to change for the better.

Luke has been friends with Brody since they were kids. But their relationship fell apart when they were in college and the two haven't seen or spoken to each other in fifteen years. But Luke hasn't forgotten about Brody and when the two lay eyes on each other again the old spark reignites.

I really enjoyed this story a lot. I liked that there was a lot of focus on Brody fixing up his life and finding support in places he never expected. Brody had a lot of issues at the start. He was a huge drinker but not quite an alcoholic although it seemed his actions was leading there. He was deeply closeted to the point that he was ruining relationships and pushing everyone in his life away. He also had anger issues resulting in brawls. It was inspiring to see him realize how far he had fallen and struggle to rectify the bad situation he was in. His passion for his art was easy to pick up on and added another layer to his character.

Luke being so supporting and forgiving was a bit saintly. I don't know if I could have done it but I respected him for being mature enough to not hold anything against Brody. He was a sweetheart for returning home to help his parents.

Lucky in Loveland (Welcome to Loveland Book 1)

Lucky in Loveland (Welcome to Loveland Book 1) - K-lee Klein A copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

This was a short, light, sweet and funny read. Jack Canon and Lucky Roberts meet for the first time when Lucky arrives at Jack's kindergarten class to talk about this role in the community. Upon laying eyes on Jack, Lucky is literally struck dumb by the Jack's angelic beauty. The attraction is apparent on both sides so they decide to meet for a meal later that day.

Lucky's magnetism was easily conveyed in the book. He had a lot of great traits and it was easy to see how everyone was drawn to him. The banter between Lucky and Jack was quite cute. I liked that Jack could give as much as he got with the smack and whatnot.

I was curious about Jack's situation with his sisters. What little we saw of them didn't feel good at all and I was expecting a bit more of a showdown.

Once in a Forest

Once in a Forest - Ofelia Gränd A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Tom is a lumberjack who is so deep in the closet that the thought of even having a relationship sets him into a panic. Jason is a bartender from the city taking a break for the Easter holiday to visit his friend Aiden. Issues arise, resulting in Jason rooming with Tom. Jason sees this as a his chance, whereas poor Tom is trying to resist Jason in hopes of not becoming the talk of the town.

This was a cute story. From the blurb I thought Jason would be overly aggressive to the point of being annoyingly push but he wasn't like that at all. He was subtly aggressive almost passive and his flirting was too. It was kind of like a "haha..I'm joking..haha..(whispers)..not really..(whispers end)hahaha ¬_¬" kind of way. It was fun to read.

Tom was such a caring sweetheart. His concern over Jason, when he barley knew him, was sweet and he was so easy to like for it.

Fated for the Dragon

Fated for the Dragon - Kellan Larkin An ARC of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Samuel Horn is a senior in college majoring in archeology. He found his fated mate at a young age but lost him due to an unfortunate accident. Still trying to get over losing his mate he throws himself into his passion for archeology, excited to be in the class well known and experienced professor in the field. But he doesn't expect to feel so attracted to the professor.

Stephan Salts is well known in his field of work. Only teaching one class a semester, he spends the rest working on his research of fated mates and pottery of the sky wolf pack. As part of his grant requirement he has to pick one of his students to aid him in his research. Upon meeting Sam he doesn't expect to feel such a strong attraction to one of his students. He suspects Sam may even be his fated mate.

But between pining after a lost mate and the school policy against teacher and student fraternizing. The two try to resist their attraction.

The story was nice and I liked that there was a buildup. That both got to know each other some before something happened between them. I also enjoyed being able to read about them being in the field, finding artifacts and reading about the ups and downs of situations the crop up. This was my first book with an archeology theme in it.

Sam's parents rubbed me the wrong way and I thought they were pretty cold hearted and harsh. I had a moment of intense dislike for them and wanted to see Sam cut ties with them. I liked Stephen's willingness to support Sam and trying go help him be more dependent of his parents. The ending was cute with Sky.

When I'm Lost

When I'm Lost - Aria Grace A free copy of this title was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

At the start of the book readers meet Michael (Mike) who is nervously pacing outside someone's house getting up the nerves to finally knock on the door so he can make an apology to the last person on his list. Finally working up the courage he does manage to make amends and finds help in the least likely place.

Sebastian (Seb) arrives home to find his roommate and stranger in his kitchen. He knows all about Mike and how he's wronged his roommate, Jamie. But seeing Jamie has forgiven Mike, Seb doesn't try to hold a grudge.

The two are attracted to each other at first sight but don't immediately get together. I liked that some trust was built before they actually got intimate. The two of them had their own issues and it was interesting to see the solutions they found for themselves.

The abuse of Seb's ex with his new beau wasn't dealt with in this story and that kind of bugged me. Kyle really seemed like he needed the help but was just too messed up to ask for it. The ending felt pretty abrupt to me. I turned the page expecting more but ended up with the a list of the author's backlist and the upcoming release of Kyle's story.

The really like the cover and I could stare at it all day.

Bad Blood

Bad Blood - Shannon West more of a 2.5 than a 3 stars
Not really big on the romance. More of a instant attraction story if anything else. Blaine and Kerrick meet when Blaine goes to investigate who had entered his pack lands. Blaine is the alpha of the Greys and Kerrick is the alpha of the Dire wolves. When Blaine is approached publicly in front of the pack about a merging of their pack an accident occurs. Which in turn resulted in the Dire wolf staging an siege on pack land until Blaine and his pack was subdued.

For a short story it was an interesting read. There wasn't much background on the Dire wolves but there was some background on Blaine and why he was alpha although he didn't think himself really suited for the position. Blaine and Kerrick getting together and the bit of conflict was good. I would have like some build up but can't really complain since it was such a short read. Kerrick's pushiness was pushing a fine line for me. I was a bit scared Blaine would end up a doll with no control at all.

Penal Station 05

Penal Station 05 - Valentina Heart There was many things about this story I liked and then there was also things about this story that just didn't hold up for me. The world building was great as was the character building. I loved hearing about Sar and picking up tidbits about how he came to be who he was in the prison. I wish readers had been given the story of why he was the most feared prisoner and his rise in hierarchy. Jared was only told two or so stories on page and the rest off page (or so it was suggested).

I was disappointed with the relationship development. It felt like Jared and Sar barely knew each other or interacted in the story before they fell in love with each other. Jared really took everything in stride, even his "rape" from an apologetic Sar.

The addition of the Bilos brothers felt a bit forced. Up to that point the story was going in a decline and with them there was a certain injection of intrigued but again it felt misplaced.

The story felt incomplete where it ended. I was curious about what Jared and Sar would do with their new situation? If the Bilos brothers had really met their end considering what happened to the station. How many survivors there were and if this would be an issue for Jared and Sar later. Whether or not Jared had been conditioned or if the Bilos brothers had made a huge mistake and been misinformed, etc.


Firewall - Sierra Riley An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

I like reading about the connection between Justin and Calder. It was entertaining to see (well read) them reconnecting after not seeing each other for several years. Readers quickly get a grasp on each characters personality and their confidence in their career and how their behavior may affect it. While no one's life was at risk, it was easy to see what type of threats and danger both Justin and Calder encounter when a obsessive jealous co-worker starts turning Justin's life upside down.

I was a bit disappointed with how things ended with Wallace. I really thought the author could have made a bit more of an impact with this part of the story. The whole thing was pretty tame.

Lay It Down

Lay It Down - Mary Calmes 1.5 stars

I love Mary Calmes but this one just didn't do it for me. I hated a good amount of it. It hit on a lot of pet peeves for me and I was very angry and frustrated for a majority of the read.

Present where some of the personal touches Mary puts into her stories but the rest of it was just something else. Hudson was an absolute sweetheart with the heart of gold, looking after his twin brother and picking up his messes. Miguel, we don't really get too much info. about him besides the fact that he's rich and his people (employees and mom) love him.

Dalvon was a major pain in the bum. I hated him at the start, I hated in the middle and I really really hated him at the end. I wanted bad things to happen to him. I never hated a character as badly as I hated him. He really ruined the story for me. I didn't like how he treated/tricked Hudson, his only living relative. That's just not something family does, at least family that claims to love you. Hudson was a banging big brother and I was sad to see him saddled with a very shitty twin brother.

The relationship development with Miguel was nonexistent. It went from meeting to loving and fucking. There was no buildup and throwing safe sex to the wind because you felt it was right just didn't sit well with me. Usually I don't make a big deal about it in the stories I read but I just couldn't deal with it this time.

The part when Escamilla and Goya first met with Hudson to discuss Dalvon and the gun dealers was another portion of the story that didn't sit well. When Hudson wanted to make a all to his brother to chew him out. The two cops stopped him claiming that the gun dealers may be monitoring him. The problem with that was that Dalvon and Hudson had had a couple of conversations on the phone before. If this had been an issue the gun dealers would have already known Hudson and Dalvon switched places.

Hudson's decision to stay behind and transfer his credits even though he only had a year left at the college in Boston was the last straw for me. He was just giving and giving and I didn't feel like anyone had to give as much as he did. Yes, he got Miguel and a new family in trade but I felt he lost all control of his own life. That it got taken and he wouldn't ever get it back. I wanted to see compromise and it just wasn't there.

Paulie and the Wedding Bell Grouch (Love Wins)

Paulie and the Wedding Bell Grouch (Love Wins) - J.D. Walker 3.5 stars

Paulie was a very likable character and someone a lot of people could relate to. He just ended a relationship with someone he thought was his "the one". Van was a lot less likable, one of Paulie's boss and the guy responsible for shattering Paulie's heart. Even at the end I found it hard to like him or forgive him on Paulie's behalf considering what Paulie walked into after their breakup.

For such a short story it was well developed and had some emotional impact behind it too. I liked reading about the things that went behind a wedding and it really helped to build up Paulie's character.

6 Days To Get Lucky

6 Days To Get Lucky - L.E. Franks Loved reading and seeing more of Nick and him trying to navigate through love. I found this book to be a tad on the frustrating side what with Nick and FatBoy (Davis) always seeming to get pulled away from each other because of something or other. There was a point I wish they would just break up so they could start anew. I really felt for Nick being so insecure and longing for a secure (love) relationship. I really hope to see more of these two.

6 Days to Valentine

6 Days to Valentine - L.E.  Franks Really enjoyed this. Nick was a very likable character and it was following along reading his thoughts and feelings and trying to find love. The family atmosphere in the establishment he worked in was nice. I was a bit frustrated with FatBoy and really disliked Cam. I did feel a bit betrayed for Nick but the way everything worked out made this a very good read.

Pregnant for the Dragon

Pregnant for the Dragon - Kellan Larkin An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Max is surrogate for one of the best fertility clinics for shifters in the world. When he's told his fourth client will be a prince he's taken by surprise and a tad bit of disbelief.

Damon, Prince from Vatravia, needs an heir as one of the terms to keep his country safe.

The story was interesting. Learning the gestation period and following along with Max's pregnancy was entertaining. There were portions of the story that frustrated me. Mainly, it was the not so great decisions Damon made. Max's problem with sex seemed like it was immensely downplayed and just seemed like it didn't really matter at all. The problems with Vatravia was so easily solved. Overall, it was a good read but it just didn't really stand out for me.

Ravel: A Ripples in the Status Quo Story

Ravel: A Ripples in the Status Quo Story - R. Phoenix A free copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

3.5 stars (but let's round up)

Ashton is a human from the slums. He decides its a great idea to break and enter a supes mansion to steal stuff.

Reese is an alpha male werewolf. He doesn't take kindly to Ashton invading his home. But when he find out why Ashton did it. Reese decides he'll help the human out.

I always enjoyed dystopia/cacotopia stories. There's a clear definite line drawn between humans and supes in the world of Status Quo; where they stand in hierarchy and their roles in society. It was entertaining picking up tidbits about the world. I haven't read a story before in which supernatural beings ruled over humans so I found this story gripping in that aspect.

There was nice character and relationship building. In such a short story we really got to know the characters and their thoughts concerning their roles in society. We got that both sides weren't completely satisfied with their lives and the things that were expected of them in the world they lived in. But together they found some measure of happiness.