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Textual Relations

Textual Relations - Cate Ashwood Henry Hathaway is psychologist that likes routine. On his 32nd birthday he's doing what he routinely does since his 21st birthday, which is get his teeth cleaned by the dentist and have a meal with his brother. While out with his brother, he receives a text from a stranger confirming a date. Knowing the stranger didn't get the text Henry decides to go meet the her and let her know what happened.

Henry does't expect the stranger to be a guy named Asher Wescott. When Asher invites him to have a drink to thank him for his kindness Henry sees no reason to decline. The two end up having a nice time together. Then Asher kisses Henry at the end of the night and throws Henry into a bit of a loop. Henry isn't gay and being socially inept doesn't really know how to handle the situation when Asher calls.

I thought this was a cute read albeit rushed. The cute meet was on point and I loved it. Henry came to terms with his sexuality quicker than I expected him to. I enjoyed seeing Henry and Asher's reaction to each other and how much change they brought into each other's life.

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Taking a Chance

Taking a Chance - Emjay Haze Ethan Moore is a recent college graduate looking for job that will get him out of his small town in Iowa. He gets an offer from a small corporation in San Franseco, California. Urged by a friend, Ethan accepts the offer. after the interview Ethan decides to relax by checking out a gay club, something he's not been to a lot of, just to see what all the hype is about. Needless to say he's picked up by the hottest guy there and the two have a unforgettable night together.

Chance Harlow's been burned by a relationship before and it's changed his view on how he wants his relationships to go. When he goes to his favorite night club, he doesn't expect to be smitten by Ethan. He's just out for a one night stand and Ethan is just his type.

When Ethan starts his new job he doesn't expect his boss to be Chance, the guy he had an amazing night with. Likewise, Chance is surprised his new employee is Ethan. Ethan worries he'll be fired whereas Chance can't believe his luck.

I can't say I enjoyed this as much as I thought I would. I found it to be drawn out and repetitive. Ethan trying to resist Chances advances and Chance inability to stop pushing and trying to seduce Ethan was very taxing and a tad annoying. I think 32 chapters was way too long to convey Ethan and Chances feelings for each other.

I can understand that there needed to be build up and indecision conveyed through the characters but I think there was a bit too much. At least half the book was Chance and Ethan having sex because Ethan couldn't resist Chance. The other half being Ethan fighting his feelings for Chance and Chance trying to tantalize Ethan into having a relationship he wasn't even sure he wanted.

I didn't feel Chances feeling were sincere towards Ethan. Being the playboy he was readers got to see just how many boys he had on the hook. I kind of wish Ethan had tried to live a more healthy life since Chance wasn't showing any consideration. I just kind of felt bad for Ethan but at the same time I couldn't help cursing him for doing what he was to himself.

Bradley was a character I wanted to read more about or at the very least see how his love life is faring. Stephan turned up quite a bit and I can't say i wasn't curious.

A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Mai Tais and Murder

Mai Tais and Murder - J.C.  Long Gabe Maxfield is a paralegal is getting over a relationship that ended two months prior. He moves to Ouha, Hawaii to be closer to his friend and start afresh. What he doesn't expect to do is become involved in a murder investigation with his best friend, Grace Park. The two find Grace's coworker, Carrie Lange, dead in their P.I. office.

Maka Kekoa is an Honolulu PD detective and Gabe's neighbor. Maka and Gabe meet the morning that Carrie is found murdered and it's quite a shock to their system when they see each other at the scene of the crime.

When Grace is suddenly arrested for Carrie's murder. Gabe is at first shocked but knows he has to do something to prove his friend's innocence.

The story was interesting in it's own way. It did take a while for me to warm up to it, a little less that half the story (40%). From there it was smooth sailing and I was thoroughly intrigues and invested in finding out who killed Carrie and why.

I was impressed when Gabe dropped the name of the law firm that he used to work for. I wish there was more shock and revelation involved in the story. It was my favorite part of the book. The chemistry between Gabe and Maka was great. I was curious about what threw Maka to Gabe. It wasn't explained at all why he was so taken at first sight with him. I'm hoping the next installment with dwell more of it. I also hope the case with Delgado will be covered.

A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.


Daimonion - J.P.   Jackson I'm finding it hard to put into words how fascinating this book . Once I started to read I didn't want to stop.

I enjoyed learning about the different types of demons, what the Daimonion were and ultimately how each character was tied to the other. The plot was ever thickening and when you didn't think you could be shocked anymore, more details would be revealed effectively drawing the reader in. There were a lot of grotesque moments in the book but I think that was part of the appeal. There was also a good amount of despicable acts that occurred off page that were referenced to. It all made for a very good read.

The author segued from one event/issue to the next in such a masterful manner. At first I thought the constant barrage of events Dati infecting children, meeting Marta, punishment for disobeying his master, being infected with murderous minions, etc was a little too much at once. But thinking back on it I can't imagine the author approaching the story any other way
to convey the satyr's (Silenus) so called masterful plans and end game.

A review copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Camp Lake Omega

Camp Lake Omega - Penelope Peters It was easy to finish the story in one sitting and I did enjoy it and felt it was better put together than the one book I read previously by this author. The story itself was paced well and entertaining, it was easy to get sucked into. Jim is an omega that lost his bonded mate after just a week. When he’s invited back to Camp Lake Omega as a counselor he sees it as a last chance to enjoy himself before his parents urge him back into the bonding pool.

Zachary (Zach) Ito is the camp director for Camp Lake Alpha, located directly across the lake from Camp Lake Omega. He by chance meets Jim when he returns one of the canoes that floated away from Camp Lake Omega. Zach doesn’t realize Jim is an omega since he has a neutral scent. Thinking Jim is a beta Zach doesn’t immediately realize what kind of danger he’s put them both in by allowing close contact. They both can’t seem to stay away from each other and finds themselves crossing paths plenty of times.

I definitely thought this was a cute and sweet read. I loved that Jim was so forward and didn’t give up just because he was discouraged. I love the tension and chemistry both characters had together. I enjoyed learning about the alpha and omegas in this universe and how they differed from each other. I also like that the author tried to touch upon the subject of anatomy, control and pheromones of alphas and omega and the psyche of betas.

A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Different Dynamics

Different Dynamics - Tamir Drake
Richard Packer is an omega hockey player (the first and only) on the road with his teammates to play a game when the starting stages of his heat hits him early. Thankfully he has his emergency pheromone blockers to help. It doesn't fully hit him until the game finishes up. He plans for a quiet night in with room service, hiding himself away from his teammates. Half of whom are alphas. But his night in doesn't go as planned and James, Richard's teammate and best friend ends up helping him. With the help of James, Richard's heat is more bearable. But other side effects present themselves and Dmitry Sokolov, another hockey player from another team, ends up also helping Richard through his heat.

I liked the premise. Getting to know Richard and learning about alphas, omegas and heat were all fascinating. I enjoyed what there was of the world and character building. I really wished it had been longer and readers could have gotten a more definitive plan of action/promise of a future from all the characters about their relationship. What was presented was too open-ended for me.

I'm not usually a fan of menages and have certain criterias for such books i have read/(ing) Different Dynamics was a book I didn't mind seeing some MMM in. In fact once it presented itself I started wishing there was more. The characters were all very likable and as I said before I wish this story had been longer just so we could a more developed relationship among the three characters.

The only issue I saw that bothered me was that James didn't have a last name. Richard and Dmitry both do but James is the odd man out. It bugged me and I kept thinking that was pretty inconsistent.

A review copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review

Lace (The Vampire-Fairy Series Book 1)

Lace (The Vampire-Fairy Series Book 1) - Wendy Rathbone The story is told in parts, switching from Lace to Firi back to Lace. It was a 2.5-3 stars for me.

We meet Lace who has been captured , imprisoned and experimented on because he is what the humans term as "vampire" but he isn't exactly that. Lace is disoriented, doesn't know who he is and frankly has lost all memories he had and the new ones he makes are a bit fuzzy. He dreams of the owl-man and when interrogated by his captures he can never give them any details of things they want to know resulting in more pain and suffering.

Firi is a changeling and one of guards stationed to watch Lace. From his eyes we get more background about his relationship with Lace, why Lace is in the facility and his feelings on what is happening.

I really have conflicting feelings about the story was a whole. I intrigued and quite engrossed for the first half. I was expecting a monogamous relationship with trepidative/turbulent journey. What I got was something a bit more and frankly it wasn't something I was sure I liked. I certainly don't have any issues with individuals who choose to enter into a polyamourous but it's not really something I enjoy reading and this touched a little too close to that. The cheating just wasn't working for me even if it was needed.

I hurt a bit for Firi. To have to wait so much to be with his lover. Their first meeting while innocent enough at ten. Then having to wait eight years and witnessing the things being done to his beloved for two years before they can actually get on with their relationship was harsh. Not to add in, when they are finally together Lace has to share his body with another just to survive.

Val was my least favorite in this story but I hope that he finds his own mate instead of encroaching on Firi and Lace.

That being said it wasn't all bad. Learning how Val and Lace came to be, why the experiment was being conducted, the world building and action was great and intriguing. The premise was good.

A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

The Play of His Life

The Play of His Life - Amy Aislin I liked this story but it took some time for me to figure that out. The story is only ten chapters long and it took a little more than half the story for me to figure that out. The narration is a little weird. There were points in the story that I wasn't sure whose POV the feeling and thoughts were coming from, whether it was Christian or Riley, which forced me to reread certain passages.

For stories of this type i.e. second chance/reunion stories I would like to see the character that did something wrong (in this case Riley who managed to damage his relationship with Christian) grovel quite a bit before the two MC's get their act together. That being said I was happy with this read because Christian was such a good guy who was the type to live and let live (or as I like to say forgive and let live). His attitude towards Riley and the actions that lead to their demise really helped to ease any hard feelings toward Riley. I liked seeing their relationship dynamic and that they both still badly wanted to be in each others lives.

A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Heart's Master

Heart's Master - Elizabeth Schechter I thought there were some unique aspects to this story but overall it didn't really hold my attention as i would have liked it to. Right off the bat I was intrigued by Steven and his situation, the dynamic he had with those around him. Then tragedy strikes and he find his world turned upside down. He has to relearn to live his life and come to terms with things that keep happening to him. Steven didn't particular have an easy journey of it, add to it he learns there is more to the world he lives in that he didn't know existed until his physically sustains permanent damage to his eyes. I did feel that too much was happening to Steven. I also felt a bit weird about how quickly he moved on from his friend death and how quickly the two decided to enter into a relationship.

I did get introduced to a new aspect of bdsm which was mummification bondage. I didn't know that was a thing until this book. The bdsm aspect was pretty light. Nick being a switch was interesting and a bit mind blowing to me since you don't usually get the see the dom actually submit to their sub.

A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Afternoon Americano (Coffee Boys Book 3)

Afternoon Americano (Coffee Boys Book 3) - Becca Brant Vincent McAlister is a successful gay romance author. He's poured pretty much all his free time into making a career of it. So his friend sets him up on a blind date. He doesn't expect his blind date to be a guy and he definitely doesn't expect to feel attraction since he's straight.

At first glance Skye definitely approvals of Vincent as his blind date but is disappointed that Vincent is straight. But he can definitely use more friends. Neither want to go home to dinner alone so the two choose to hang out on blind date turn not date.

The two have a great time together and before they know it an offer is made and accepted and the two part way. Until Vincent's best friend asks him to help him hook the new guy at work who turns out to be Skye.

It was an easy read with not a lot of angst or drama. It was nice and the characters were all likable. I felt like the read just flew by even though it was twenty-six chapters. There were some very minor grammar issues but otherwise enjoyable.

I feel I have to mention it was a little weird that the only character who had a last name was Vincent. Landon , Skye, Beth, etc last names were never mentioned.I, at least, expected Skye to have one since he's Vincent's love interest.

An ARC was provides to me in exchange for an honest review.

Sex Ed

Sex Ed - Z.B. Heller I felt there was a lot of virgin shaming in this story. It irritated me a lot. I like that Jaxson wanted to hold out. I didn't like that his family outed him and made a spectacle of his life. It just wasn't cool that everyone knew embarrassing things about him. I felt his rights were stripped from him. That being said the humor and Jaxson's attitude toward everything made saved it for me.

A Night Sky Full of Stars

A Night Sky Full of Stars - Bealevon Nolan 3.5 stars

A well-written heart-rending historic m/m novel about two men struggling to find love and survive in the 1940s – 1950s. Be advised that this novel is based in a highly turbulent times and scenes of near-rape, Russian interment prison/concentration camps are described.

Juvven is a Finnish Saami conscripted into the Russian military service. Andre is a French tailor. They meet as Olympic sharpshooters for Russia and France respectively and draw close due to their mutual lust and ultimately find themselves falling for each other. They meet clandestinely throughout their time at the Olympics and due to circumstances like Russia holding Juvven’s papers, go their separate ways afterwards.

Andre realizing that he is deeply in love with Juvven decided to enter Russia to find Juvven to see if his feelings are reciprocated. Tragically he is arrested not soon after entering Russia for being a homosexual and imprisoned with a 5 year sentence. Luckily he is placed in Juvven’s Gulag. Unfortunately the head criminal boss in his team wants him to serve as his mattress with a hole in it. Fortunately Serjei saves him by paying this crime boss a premium in tobacco.

Juvven schemes with Andre to escape the imprisonment and Russia during one of the Gulag’s move to another worksite. In the midst of their preparation, Andre is nearly raped but was saved by sirens blaring due to a theft incident in the Gulag. After another harrowing incident, their escape was successful and they join up with Juvven’s family.

Serjei’s kindness is not forgotten and Andre’s mother sends a package and letter to Serjei hinting at the safety of her escapee son. Hope blooms in the midst of horrific times whilst in a Gulag. My heart is bittersweetly bleeding in my chest after reading this novel of finding love in a painful, torturous, inhumane times.

A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.


Waiting - R.M. Gauthier The story was only 8 chapters long so it was a quick read. I didn't feel as if there was enough Jeremy and Tristan interaction. I really wished the story had been longer and more fleshed out. The romance was a bit lacking though I did love that Jeremy was there to save Tristan from that mistake during his visit. Readers really wouldn't have known how much time had passed if not for the blurb which wasn't included in the book ( and it totally should be). At first glance (err..chapter) it is a bit confusing but as the short story unfolds it all comes together. The bdsm was pretty light and Tristan's limits were unique in a way. I've never seen such limits before in a book (then again I don't have an extensive bdsm reading list).

I'm not sure what to think of the beginning or Tristan and Peter's relationship. Their relationships as siblings from Tristan's POV was kind of weird to me. I know siblings aren't always nice and will tease and mess with you (I'm the second youngest of 6 kids) but from Tristan's outlook Peter didn't seem very loving.

I wouldn't mind if the author decided to revisit these two. I definitely would love to see how their relationship develops and flourishes.

A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Matching Mates Collection

Matching Mates Collection - Bronwyn Heeley Wrong Place, Right Time
Matty is working the party flower when the matchmaker invokes the feeling of lust over the attendees. Gavin is the werewolf that claims Matty. It just so happens they are mates.

Catching his wolf
Josef and jesse are new friends in attendance at the gathering when the matchmaker works his magic. Jesse goes into hiding since he's had a traumatizing experience at the previous gathering. Josef has always had a thing for Jesse and isn't above using this chance to show Jesse they're meant to be.

Jesse mentioning Hank and Henry was confusing and I wished the author had just left the names out. I'm not even sure if it was different people or just naming mistakes because my takeaway was that Jesse had had two lovers and they both didn't work out because they weren't mates....

Timid as a Mouse
Harry and Luke see each other at the gathering and when the lust hits they just know.

Tigers Release
Henry seeks Jamie out when they feeling of lust hits because of the magic of the matchmaker. The two find themselves to be equally matched.

Mate’s Freedom
Robin was imprisoned in one of the dungeons underneath the coven several gathering ago. Brooke is one of the vampire guards at the coven. Robin and Brooke have had several encounters before but neither are too sure of what they've felt before. So when the lust cloud is released over the guest. Brooke seeks Robin out and saves him from another vampire. Brooke has a plan and he just hopes Robin feel the same.

Cameron is the matchmaker who is in servitude to the evil Vampire Master. He's forced do the magic to pull the lust out of the attendees. Wayne is a vampire and Cameron's mate. They each stay with the coven because they think it makes the other happy. Needless to say both are not.

Each story focuses on a different couple when the matchmaker works his magic and pulls everyone in at the gathering. The stories tend to quite repetitive if you choose to read it all in one sitting. They're about 3-5 chapters long. It follows as the two MCs feeling the mating pull for their mates, coming together in lust and deciding that they'll be together from then on/mates. Their were minor details distinguishing each couple from the other in each story. There's no real tie in the stories except for the matchmaker working his magic to pull the guest into a lust haze and discovering that they are indeed mates and feeling the mate pull among the lust haze. They were fun to read but as i said previously they get quite repetitive and the naming of the characters (at least the one with the same initial letters (J's and H's)) could get confusing.

The stories also suffered because they were so short. There wasn't really time to get to know the characters, there's no real world development and there wasn't enough romance. It was very insta-lovish. I definitely recommend you read these stories spanned out and not all in one sitting. The premise was interesting and the writing was good. It just didn't work so well for me.

An ARC copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Reckless Passion

Reckless Passion - Amanda Young This was a steamy novel about Beau, gentlemen’s club owner, and his personal assistant, Adam. Beau isn’t described as the most likable of characters and comes off as a arrogant wealthy man who cares about staying fit and not tolerating an ounce of fat on his body. He decides to confront Adan about being sexually appealing, giving flirtatious glances, and makes his move on Adam. Adam caves and accepts Beau’s advances and good steamy times ensue.

After their steamy, mind-blowing encounter, Adam admits that Beau was his first. Beau feels the same but plays the scene off as a mistake so they go their own separate ways as if it never happened. At a dinner party at Beau’s mansion, Beau makes his moves on Adam again and Adam, being so in love with Beau, drops to his knees in lusty bliss. The scene is interrupted by an emergency phone call about Adam’s son Johnny.

The entry of Johnny gives this story personality and actually saves this novel. Prior to this, it was an overly cliché novel of a wealthy arrogant man taking advantage of a spineless young man who melts at his owner’s feet and a hot sex scene – respect not necessary. After getting Johnny back from the hospital, Beau offers for Adam to bring his son to work with him to avoid having to quit his job as Beau’s personal assistant. They make mutual confessions to each other and seem to actually start their real loving relationship. Beau’s arrogance and selfish needs cause a fight and they separate for the evening in a cloud of anger and regret.

Adam’s apartment building burns down and Adam goes to Beau as his first line of support. Beau is supporting, warmly takes them in and redeems himself as he sets their relationship back on track from their fight. Beau has now realized that he would do whatever needed to convince Adam they were meant to be together. Honest conversation results and steamy happy ending is established! The character development is evident from silence with unpalatable cliché characters to open characters with relatable feelings, open communication and a sense of mutual respect.

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Chosen by the Billionaire (Gay Romance Novel)

Chosen by the Billionaire (Gay Romance Novel) - E. Davies Not a lot of romantic development and it wasn't as developed as his later stories. It was nice to pass the time. I just wish there had been more scene and interaction with Sebastian and Liam.