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Weird Science - Kiernan Kelly, M. Rode, G.S. Wiley, M. Durango, Elizabeth L. Brooks, Diana Sheridan, Jade Astor, Aidee Ladnier, Alexis Hall I won this through a giveaway being hosted by Aidee Ladnier (a year or so ago).

I didn't read any story but the one by Aidee Ladnier entitled The Applicant. I found it to be a totally charming read. Forbes is so into his work that he just doesn't pay much mind to the guy who came knocking on his door, Oliver. Oliver wants to be assist Forbes and is a bit forceful. Then when one of Forbes robots malfunction and starts acting erratic the two have to take refuge in an enclosed space. Working together they manage to get control of the robot. But when all the chaos has ended, Oliver's cover is blown and Forbes learns what is so significant about Oliver.

I really enjoyed this story and was so glad to see the author had written a sequel for this. I'm hoping to see more in the future.