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Dazzle Me

Dazzle Me - Ofelia Gränd I received a free copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.

3.5 stars

Tom and Santino are a established could about to celebrate their one year anniversary. When Santino comes home with news of a promotion and business trip to Thailand on their anniversary, Santino convinces a reluctant Tom to go with him. Unknown to Santino was that Tom had planned out their anniversary before hand and really didn't see not going with Santino as a choice. Already hating Thailand for messing up his proposal plans and losing his luggage, poor Tom, arrives at the hotel with Santino only to find their reservation can't be found at the hotel. Needless to say the spa treatment Tom has to endure is also a horrifying one.

It was a fun read. Tom's a pretty cool character and his love for Santino is easy to see. I did feel bad for everything he had to endure inconsideration for his boyfriend. I don't think I really liked Santino but I didn't feel I really got to know him that well in this short read so I really shouldn't be making that call. I did laugh during the spa moment and when Tom was doubting himself I did for sad for him because his self esteem was taking a hit.

I really felt like Tom was more invested in this relationship than his boyfriend was. Tom was the only one we saw giving in this relationship whereas Santino was just taking and taking.