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A Casual Thing

A Casual Thing - Annabelle Jacobs 3.5 stars

I'm a bit disappointed with how this one ended. I really wanted to see more of Patrick and Will beyond the end of Patrick's summer break from Uni. I liked the awkward interaction between Patrick and Will, seeing them navigate the parameters they both are in. I mean their relationship was a complicated one seeing as their common link was Patrick's brother, Ben. They both wanted to make sure no one got hurt but still enjoy themselves after years of knowing each other and of course each didn't want to cause any tension when it came to their relationship (as a friend and brother) to Ben.

I did feel a bit cheated with the amount of time Will and Patrick spent together. For the length of the book, I feel as if they weren't in each other company at all. How can that even be, you ask? Well the their "casual" sexual relations spanned two weeks. Of those two weeks, one was spent trying to decide if they wanted to enter into a sexual relationship (deciding the pace), (in Patrick's case) job searching, getting hit on, (again in Patrick's case)getting drunk, and sleeping. The second week they just indulged themselves but it was inbetween dealing with real life stuff (work, shopping, exercising, waking, visiting family, etc.) and then the complication that cut their fling short.

I guess it should be expected though seeing as the title is what it is. I'm hoping the author will decide to revisit these two in the future.