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Little Wolf - R. Cooper 4.5 stars atleast

This was my favorite of all the books in the series. The story was intriguing although there were portions of dialogue depicted in a way that was a turn off. Tim's (Little Wolf <3) speechlessness/stutter was not that endearing. I loved the interaction between Tim and Nathaniel. I thought their time in the meadow was too cute and the nicknames just awesome. I liked seeing displays of Tim's insecurities, innocence and his flustered heated moments. I also really liked the display of vulnerability and insecurity in Nathaniel too. The alpha moments were just too hot for words as was Tim's seduction? of Nathaniel in his own way (lol).<br/>
I'm hoping the next book in the series will feature Albert and Graham but who knows what direction the author will take the series in. Either way I'll be sitting in anticipation.

I would suggest new readers to the series at least read book 3 in the series before reading this one since Nathaniel first shows up in that one and Tim is brought up in conversation. Book 1 would also be a good starting point just to read Ray's story but it all can really be read as standalones.