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Taming His Mate

Taming His Mate - Lissa Ford Continues a bit after the first one (Claiming His Mate, so it should be read in order!). Dix is at home, in Jackson Hole, awaiting his mates return to him. Seeing no recourse he accepts a job with the syndicate to bide his time. Kristof finally shows up and Dix invites him along or the trip so they can spend time together (since Kristof is still distancing himself in their relationship and Dix doesn't want that). So on a night after Dix does recon for his mission they decide to meet for dinner but while Dix is waiting on his mate to show he gets hit on my a human (who is bad news later on). When Kristof sees this he goes into a fit of jealousy resulting in him claiming Dix. Good intentions go awry when Kristof is caught by the enemy side and used against Dix in his mission.

Fantastic installment. Dix and Kristof are lovely to see together and I like seeing them banter and Kristof trying to keep Dix on his toes. Dix going into a alpha rage and fighting to defend his mate was just awesome to read. The action was a highlight for me. A drugged up Kristof was a adorable. I loved how it acted as his truth serum and having him confess to his feeling on Dix and just got rid of the aloofness. The author did have me curious about Kristof when he mentioned that the truth about him might be a catalyst to the end of his relationship with Dix.