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Corkscrewed - M.J. O'Shea I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The beginning really grabs the reader’s attention as you learn that Roman must leave the young “boy” he saved years ago because Black Mamba has her sights on him. It is intriguing, poignant and at the same time hopeful – a new beginning. What will this young boy do – continue on the same path as his mentor or work independently?
Next, you learn about Cary and you wonder if “boy” is Cary or Jules? As a reader, I found myself thinking that Cary is a suave character working with the assistance of trusty sidekick who coincidentally was also saved. I was very intrigued as to whom was the boy in chapter one and process of elimination removed Jules since this trusty sidekick was a she. When oh when will we learn whom the boy is!?
Never fear, as Cary talks about his next job, you find similarities between what Roman suggested to the boy and the newfound heir to the winery he plans to hit. The boy is Isaac! But how does Isaac successfully convince the current matriarch that he is truly the long-lost step-grandson? Who is Black Mamba? Is Roman going to be okay? You will find that out as the plot thickens and the romance steams up the pages!
The romance between Cary and Isaac is like icing of the cake of this great mystery plot. A definite must-read.