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Once More, With Feeling

Once More, With Feeling - Alex Alder I love the song and dance between Chase and Bryan. Chase doesn't believe he's capable of love after ending a six year relationship in which his ex told him he would end up alone forever. But in comes Bryan. Chance meeting with him over the phone after Chase gets referred to him from Tyler, who kinda described him as a pimp. The thing with Tyler calling him a pimp was kinda hilarious esp. with the drink thing.

Chases friends were pretty cool people. Chases insecurities and vulnerabilities made my heart pang and I just wanted to take care of him I'm so glad Bryan wasn't discouraged after the horrible mistakes Chase made. That he continued to pursue Chase at the risk of having his
own heart broken.

The ending was very romantic and I would love to revisit these two just to see how far their relationship progressed.