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Dead Man and the Restless Spirits

Dead Man and the Restless Spirits - Lou Harper I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The story is given to readers in three parts. The first introduces reader to Denton, a medium/necromancer (not the same as the one everyone sees in a game or anime). Readers are also introduced to Bran who is a herbalist/witch who performs cleansings. Neither know what the other can do and the start of their relationship is very tentaive and it builds up. Finally there's an opportunity for Denton to get to know Bran and he snaps it up. The second portion involves Bran trying to train Denton in honing his skills. There's a case of possession that Denton and Bran get involved in and Denton finally get to the bottom of why Bran has been keeping him at arms length. The final part showcases voodoo dolls, Bran's mother and another job for Bran and Denton involving a condo haunting, and unexpected developments in Denton's powers.

I was so amused by both Denton and Bran. They were quirky characters and I enjoyed getting to know them and seeing them use their skills to help each other and those who neeeded help. There were plenty of moments where I thought Denton and Bran's behavior was adorable. Bran's mother was an interesting character and she just gives off this "I'm going to scandalize you" vibe.

The cleansing Bran and Denton was performing was pretty exciting to read. I had the urge to read as fast as I could to finish the book. It really drew me in. There was a minor grammar error more towards the end but nothing to bad.