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Road of No Return - K.A. Merikan I recieved this book in exhange for an honest review
I found Road of No Return to have a captivating start. The character names were a surprise and really grabbed my attention: Captain, Stitch, Dom and Rat to name a few. At first, I truly thought it was their real names until Zak asked about it. The author’s writing style really draws a reader into story and makes me want to find out more about the characters. The style really makes the story easy to visualize what was going on. I was particularly impressed at how detailed the description of the tattoos were.
Stitch’s road to self-discovery really made me think of the difficulties that may face a LGBT community located in a small town. How he was still a manvirgin who always knew he was hot for men, but buried it so well as to end up married with child in a motorcycle gang who, by the sounds of it, does not tolerate non-heterosexuals is truly mind-boggling. His struggle over his feelings for Zak and being loyal to his motorcycle crew was really heartrending and made me cheer for his success.
As mentioned, the author’s writing style and storytelling really drew me in and made me cheer for Stitch & Zak’s relationship. However, once I found out what Stitch did for a living and as a member of his motorcycle club, my interest just started to wane. To be fair, K.A. Merikan’s writing style really drew me in and made me feel invested in the story. It was a roller coaster of extreme emotions for me – joy at Stitch & Zak’s developing relationship, distress when Stitch was contemplating just how deep to go with his motorcycle club’s activities (thankfully it appears he was … thrown out before it got to that stage), relief over Stitch’s positive relationship development with his ex and child, shock and horror over Officer Cox and Captain; and hope for the positive changes happening to Stitch and all that interspersed with steamy love scenes.
The ending was really sweet but the darkness, struggle and trials leading up to their happy ending was a tad bit much for me.

2.5 - 3 stars