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The Reluctant Wolf - Lisa Oliver I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I’m not really picky about the usage of UK English (or any slang usage) as opposed to American English since I don’t know if it’s the publisher doing or authors. Also readers aren't exactly given the exact location the book is set in at the start. The Canadian border is mentioned and French and UK English is predominantly used in that country. (Shawn mentions that's where his pack is from.) The U.S. is also mentioned in the book but much later so terminology isn't really a big thing seeing as there are so many synonyms that can be used in place of other words. This author was badly in need of a beta reader. There were misspellings and punctuation issues (I’m horrible with punctuations but I still know where to use a comma).

I felt the story in general was slowly paced. Things weren't progressing as quickly as I wanted and I felt like there was way too much sex and not enough plot. What plot there was was kind of anticlimactic and just didn't grab at my attention. I did like that the author was descriptive with certain scenes and some character traits. It made it easier to draw up a mental image of the scenes and/or characters. I also liked that the author had multiple POV from the characters; allowing readers a a glimpse of what the characters where feeling and what they were thinking. It felt more intimate in a way and I thought it helped readers connection a bit better with the characters.

I was a bit thrown off by Shawn and Kane. Shawn came off as a bit more docile and submissive than Kane at the start but by the end it seemed the opposite. For some reason this kind of bothered me. I'm not exactly sure why.

There were quite a few aspects about this book that bothered me. I might be over thinking it but I feel like at the start of the book things were happening off page. In Chapter two it seemed as if Shawn knew about Kane from sight. When narrating to the audience he uses Kane's name as if he already knew who he was. In chapter one, the two weren't even really introduced. There was no moment where someone said "Hey this guy is Kane and the one having lunch with him is Griff." There was another scene in which Shawn mentions Michael being right about Kane pining away for the rest of his life, alone, if Shawn was to die. Ummm...there was nowhere in the book where Michael even mentions that on his courtesy call to Kane's pack (I know I went back to read the passage twice).

This will sound like I'm contradicting myself but I didn't feel a strong emotional attachment to any of the characters. I didn't fall in love with them and I don't feel an real affection for them after finishing the book. As I said I liked the alternating POV and felt like I got to know the characters but it just wasn't enough. I mean I felt that they were good characters but I thinking getting more of their back story would have helped.

The actions of some characters came off as weird to me. For instance, Kane's mother was so set against her son being gay that she didn't even aid him when he got kicked out of their home pack. When she finds out from the shaman that Shawn and Kane are true mates she so easily accepts it. She seems okay with everything and is no longer hateful. It's also at the time she drops the bomb that Xavier, Shawn's uncle wants to kill Shawn and Kane, in two days time. There was absolutely no concern for her son or his mate until after the easy acknowledgement that Kane and Shawn are true mates. It just felt weirs that she was so buddy buddy with them all after the revelation. I can't wrap my head around the idea that all that hate was wiped away in seconds.

I did think the concept about Shawn's spirit interesting. That even if his wolf and body died that he was immortal as long as Kane was alive. It was unique. But it also threw me off that Kane would just stand by as Shawn carried off this plan to die so he wouldn't have to take over his home pack.

I loved how Shawn handled the situation with Troy and his mate. This piqued my interest and I'm seriously look forward to reading Troy and Anton's story. I did have a questions concerning how Anton managed to get Troy's scent on a handkerchief? but I'm hoping that will be answered in their story.