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Say it Again

Say it Again - Jasmine Black My first m/m fiction audiobook and it didn't make a good impression. The story was very predictable and it didn't do a really good job of holding my attention. I was a bit irked and felt like the author may have been pushing some of her belief of gender lines for both sexes on the audience. This made it a lot less enjoyable for me.

Other issues I had were that:

Wade was always thinking about sex when it came to Jared. It was too sexed up for my taste. Jared was also always avoiding Wade but Wade never took notice.

Jared was a jerk and Wade was kind of insecure and arrogant and came off desperate. He was also deeply closeted and when Wade learned Jared's grandfather had been a bit high handed in raising Jared he figured he should be more aggressive when it came to interacting together.

When Jared admits to being abused Wade just tells him he can't believe it even though he had heard from someone else that it had been a possibility. He knew and he didn't do anything. He wasn't more careful with his treatment of Jared when finding out until Jared truly tried to cut ties with him.

The narration was weird. I didn't like it at all and I though Wade sounded weird, especially when saying "baby". The dialogue was a bit corny and frankly I was rolling my eyes a lot while listening to the story.