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Reprisal - Alessandra Ebulu A few editing hiccups. The names of main characters were confusing because they were so similar to each other. Even the author had problems keeping them straight.

Examples -->
"So, have you gotten any reading on what happened?" Alec asked.
Aden paused for a moment, his hands momentarily clenching on the coffin's surface before he continued. "My powers are not that advanced."
"In other words, you don't have much power," Aden said matter-of-factly"

and here:

"Alec raised his hands up as a gesture of peace. It was obviously a sore spot for Alec."

Even with the editing issues I still enjoyed the story. It did manage to grab my attention and surprise me. My heart went out for Aden when he found out his brother's blood was used to pay a vampire to mislead them.

There was a moment where I thought Aden was being an idiot for so quickly defending Ryan one minute and then quickly thinking the worst of him the next. I understand most people don't want to think the worst of a loved one but he didn't even entertain the idea that Ryan was a suspect. But then when the journals go missing he's quick to suspect Ryan.

The twist near the end was nicely done and I would have never suspected the person who committed the crime was who it was since the character was so minor in the story. The sex scene at the very end just came out of no where and I felt it was just odd considering the circumstances.

I did have questions pertaining to Aden's parents. They were mentioned quite a few times in the story but readers never actually found out what happened to them or how they reacted to Mark's death.