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Cabin for Two: An Anthology

Cabin for Two: An Anthology  - Toni Griffin, Freddy MacKay, Mathilde Watson, Silvia Violet A Bear in the Woods by Toni Griffin It felt rushed. I didn't like that Vincent didn't even question why Christian just showed up at his door even though he lived miles away. I understand it they had strong chemistry but there was no reason he had to act nonsensical and not take into account his safety. Just sayin'...

The Other Cabin by Vicktor Alexander Another rushed story and I felt it ended abruptly. There was not solution in sight for Xavier issues. It was nice that with Russell he did find some acceptance to his own sexuality. Really it just felt like half of a short story.

Dirty Little Secret by Freddy MacKay My favorite so far of this anthology and my first read from Freddy MacKay. I loved getting to know about Eric and Jonas and what state their life was in currently. I did have a moment where I thought Jonas was a jerk for not just taking the leap and confessing to Eric and preventing him from having the year from hell his life is currently in. Also Eric wouldn't beso physically and emotionally broken but in a way these two factors make their relationship development shine brighter in my eyes.

Three Little Words by Mathilde Watson Another favorite of mine from the anthology. The two MC's were cute and I enjoyed reading them dance around each other.

Their Natural Habitat by Silvia Violet A short story to that revisits MC's from the another book written by the author. I haven't read it so I'm not sure (I can't remember the title and I'm too lazy to pull up the anthology), but it's okay since you can read this story as a standalone. Dan and Parker were interesting individuals and this was the first story I've read where the MC's have a long distance relationship and manage to make it work when they do see each other. The ending was sweet.

A Matter of Faces by Angel Martinez Angel Martinez..if you've read any of her other sci-fi stories you know what your getting. I greatly enjoyed the story and thought the idea with the chicken pox like disease was ingenious when placed with being on the moon, what the symptoms were and how one dealt with it. I wouldn't have minded if it was longer.