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Jack - James   Crawford I'm a sucker for self sacrifice and selfless acts. I loved Jack in this one (not that I didn't love him in the first one) but he just shined so much brighter in this book for me. I really loved that he never gave up on Caleo and in his grief he still managed to look out for his family. I was also glad to see that even in dire situations there was still humor and other emotions being displayed.

The only problem I had was how the story kept circling around the same area (geographical and other). Like the first book it made me question why the author chose to do it the way he did and also to wonder why the characters keep circling to areas they know they will be in danger. Usually in these types of situation a person will run to places their enemy wouldn't think to look for them.

The development in the storyline about what happening with the other states were interesting. I look forward to seeing whether Jack, Caleo, Mickey and Nolan manage to succeed in their mission.