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Detective for the Dragon

Detective for the Dragon - Kellan Larkin An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Nolan Vulpenn is a PI and fox shifter. In walks rockstar, Jared Scorch to hire the him to investigate his wife (maybe soon to be ex-wife), Natasha Gray, whom he suspects is cheating. Right off the bat Nolan feels some attraction to Jared but chalks it up to celebrity charm. Jared is also drawn to Nolan.

I felt there was so many contradictions in the story. First off, I didn't quite understand how Natasha could destroy Jared. Jared himself said she had a dying career (it was the reason given to Nolan when he was hired). Jared, himself has a pretty big following with how he was signed to a pretty big record company.

Jared was worried about his career tanking but when he told Nolan he needed him and wanted to start a relationship. His worry for his career flew out the window. He was pretty aggressive to Nolan who was trying to look out for Jared's career by rejecting him.

Then there was the thing with Nolan, in which, Nolan didn't want his pictures
used to help Jared with his divorce/career. How else was proof suppose to be taken if not by some sort of recording? I understand he didn't feel good about his pictures being presented to the public to help destroy someone's life. But for a detective that claimed to be in the business for years, he sure didn't seem like he had much of a backbone for the business.

Another weird instance I had with the book was when Nolan and Jared went to Mama Cordelia for a checkup. She couldn't determine the sex of the babies. But on the next night Nolan's water broke and he birthed the babies... The gestation period was a month for a fox shifter so I suppose this could have happened? I just couldn't wrap my head around it though.

The ending was cute and I did like the story ignoring the issues I came across.