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Determined - Bealevon Nolan A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Considered an idiot because of a childhood illness that ravaged his voice, Prince Liam, is disregarded by most people. When Liam' s mother, the queen orders him to be prepared to wed her so they can produce an heir to fulfill the prophecy. Liam who enjoys the company of men decides to escape with the help of his butler/valet/childhood caretaker. His game plan is to dress up as a woman and find employee with the Duke of Doros.

Finley, the Duke of Doros, has his own issues with his dukedom and nonexistent love life. But nightly visits from a stranger, changes things for Finley and starts him down a different path than the one he imagined.

I admit I was worried that Liam was being so unsafe but the time frame he lived in didn't have condoms. He was more or less what some may consider a manwhore or maneater. I was actually waiting for the moment he would fall in love with Finley. Finley was just so talented with how graceful he handled everything. I mean he was alluring with the way he practiced with his men, the way he interacted with people and he did save Liam from a bear attack.

Liam's behavior when interacting with Finley was enjoyable to see. He was sincere and actually concerned over pleasing Finley. I liked the extent in which he went through to ensure that Finley was safe and happy.