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Bound: An Anniversary to Remember (Bound to Each Other Book 1)

Bound: An Anniversary to Remember (Bound to Each Other Book 1) - Elle Larson I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Tony and Jack are celebrating their fifteen year anniversary. As his gift, Jack has something special planned for Tony. He's spent a year preparing for it and plans to make one of Tony's sexual fantasy become reality.

Overall not a bad read. It was quick and to pretty to the point. There was a moment in chapter three where I became confused about what type of doctor Tony was since there was a mistake with the names? (Tony calls Jack the English professor or something along that lines and it's written Tony replies with something along the lines of having to grade students papers...but Tony is a surgeon so why would have to grade papers?). I liked that there was a focus on the scene and then the aftercare. It was also comforting to see that Jack kept on checking in with Tony about the acts and how comfortable he was about them.

I think it could have been a more fulfilling read had the author extended the story and provided more background on the characters (how they met, their feelings, the ease in which they function as a couple that's been together for fifteen years, etc.).