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Untouchable - L.V. Lloyd I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

3.5 stars

At the beginning of the novel, you start off reading about Alan and you think the story is about Alan, but in truth, this novel is about 3 people and their struggles to find love – Alan, Max and Robin.
At the beginning, you think Alan is the main character as the story starts off shockingly distressing with the court case about the attempted rape of the son, Max, of Alan’s best friend, Robin Lang with Alan being the main suspect.
Jump back a couple of year, and you learn to love Alan, his ethics and loyalty. You become invested in his success and feel distress over, in the beginning of the novel, his staunch mistreatment by his best friend, Robin, over the misperception Robin has over the relationship between his son, Max and Alan.

This novel has sweet love for Alan with a good medic. There is young, bittersweet love for young Max whose widowed father appears to disapprove of his own family friend’s preferences especially when it has to do with his own son. Robin’s story is probably the most twisted and interesting.

There is discovery, salvation and redemption for stringent Robin who you originally think is homophobic as a result of his determination to blame his out best friend Alan when his son, Max, first became aware of his sexuality. We then find out Robin is actually in denial and has been accepting punishment and shame for his unconscious desire for his best friend. We find amnesia coming into play and meet a carefree Robin who is absolutely endearing and then the whole Robin we see at the end of the novel – at peace with himself, his preferences, desires, his best friend and a blossoming love.
Throw in some detective work, space travel, attempted rape case, mistaken identity, involuntary manslaughter, stun guns, suicide, return from assumed death, blackmail and you have find yourself loving novel despite the unpleasant start. I find starting a book out with attempted rape and best friends being torn apart to be quite unpleasant. However, by the end of this novel I was in love and I think anyone who reads it will be too.