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Chyna Doll - Mickie B. Ashling Revisiting all the characters from the previous books in the series and being updated of their status was entertaining. My favorite part of the book were the ones containing Lil and Grier's getaway for Lil's mini midlife crisis. Luca was an absolute sweetheart and I liked how well he handled the situation he was just dumped into. Chyna was a new character whom seemed a bit bipolar to me and who can blame her, what with the issue she has to deal with and her parents. Her attitude towards gender identity towards the end was in a way smart that she decided to take a step back and evaluate but at the same time I found it a bit confounding how she just went from being so decisive and adamant for going to get a sex change to not even thinking about it. Her wild mood swings were were not enjoyable to see but again that could be accountable to the misconception her mother employed with her medication, her being a teenager and a fake persona she constantly had to maintain.