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Bent Over By The Werewolf (Str8 Gay Shifter Romance)

Bent Over By The Werewolf (Str8 Gay Shifter Romance) - Blane Thomas Short erotic read revolving a 20 something yo caregiver aka manny who is just going through a break up and is crushing on his 40 something yo employer, a father to two kids. During his baby sitting gig he sees a newscast about a wolf running around in the neighborhood he's babysitting in and his employer is late coming home. He fall asleep and dreams up a delectable dream only later to be woken by a sound. Worried about what it could be and any danger it might be to himself or his charges he goes out to investigate.

Not a bad story. As expected from an erotic read there is more sex than storyline. It's predictable and readers can clearly see where the author was taking the story with wolf being in the neighborhood and all. I wished it was a bit longer and that the ending had a bit a definite end to it but I wasn't at all disappointed by it.