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Stranger in the Wizard's Tower - Deric McNish A copy of this title was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

2.5 stars

Going in this book was hard for me to get into and started losing me at the end too, it was a tad confusing and just wasn't holding my attention. It really took me a fourth of the book to get into it.

In general there was a lot of players introduced into this book in what felt like a very short time and in doing so there became an overabundant amount of components associated with them:

- First there was Dustin who is supposedly driving to meet a friend. On his way he needs to go to the bathroom so stops in at a small convenience/gas station store. There he sees a ad for adult entertainment written on the wall. Being in his early twenties he's still interested in experiencing erotic entertainment. So decides to go check it out even though the shopkeeper, Ma'ax, warns him off.

I thought this extremely dangerous and stupid of him.

- In the other world, readers meet much more interesting characters in the form of Athin and Mir and their respective teachers/masters, Arconduil and Mrithniel. The two are apprentices to powerful wizards and it's actually Athin's little experiment with magic that goes awry and allows Dustin to come to his world. When Athin's teacher discovers that something came through, he thinks he accidental left the portal open and freaks out, calling a counsel meeting and wanting to kill the very thing that came through when he has found it. Athin enlists Mir's help and the two try to hide Dustin while they try to find out more and figure out how to get Dustin home.

- Yensid, a old apprentice of Arconduil, is brought in as a character who likes to drug and rape females. He just brings a host of issues down on Athin, Dustin and Mir. He really was just an annoying horrible character.

- Eric and the military serve as another distracting element worked into the book.

- The story of Ma'ax and how he's associated with the wizards and the issues surrounding the wizards and portal.

- Nok’st appearance and Arconduil and Mrithniel putting themselves in danger

- Erik's encounter with the Dragon and meeting Taisda, a Kou G’en.

- The confusing epilogues with the intro of Malaya, which I believe should be a set up for book 2?

It also struck me as weird that the females and young men in this book were considered pretty and it was remarked on many different characters, whether or not the character hailed from Lenoran or the USA (or Yoo Essay..). I also felt that towards the end of the book the story started to get a bit disjointed. I felt as if I was missing a piece here or there, almost like I had skipped over a detail or two during the reading. With all that being said, there were aspects of the book that kept me reading the story (i.e. Mir taking care of Yensid and punishing him, Athin trying to fix a mistake he made and coming into his power, Arconduil trying to look out for everyone and also trying to keep Lenoran safe, etc)