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Pregnant for the Dragon

Pregnant for the Dragon - Kellan Larkin An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Max is surrogate for one of the best fertility clinics for shifters in the world. When he's told his fourth client will be a prince he's taken by surprise and a tad bit of disbelief.

Damon, Prince from Vatravia, needs an heir as one of the terms to keep his country safe.

The story was interesting. Learning the gestation period and following along with Max's pregnancy was entertaining. There were portions of the story that frustrated me. Mainly, it was the not so great decisions Damon made. Max's problem with sex seemed like it was immensely downplayed and just seemed like it didn't really matter at all. The problems with Vatravia was so easily solved. Overall, it was a good read but it just didn't really stand out for me.