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Blood & Soul

Blood & Soul - A.L.  Wilson I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

3.5 stars

Chase is an gypsy exorcist (whom readers later find out isn't all he seems) who is hired to investigate a newly widowed woman and her son. While investigating he's caught by Lysander, the son of the widow. Instant chemistry is felt by the two but finding out that Lysander's mother is a banshee posing danger to children and that Lysander may have been apart of it causes a huge rift.

The relationship development moved a bit too quickly than I usually would have liked it. It felt a bit unnatural but other than that the story actually turned out really fascinating. It was quick and easy and I liked that there was a little surprise or two in there. What little of the world building there was was intriguing. I think tidbit of info readers got of Fantoma enthralling. I would have liked to know more. I liked that there was an exciting short showdown with the banshee and a sweet HFN ending for Lysander and Chase.

There were a few grammar issues but other than that I did like the story.