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Omega Fantasy

Omega Fantasy - Aiden Bates As the title suggests this story involves an omega who daydreams a lot. Nathan isn't the typical omega. He has a huge built body instead of a slender small one which turns most alpha off. Alexi is in need of an omega to keep his family fortune. Upon seeing Nathan, Alexei, knows that he can't marry Nathan.

I didn't like this as much as I thought I would from the blurb. There was just too much fantasizing and it didn't work for me. There was barely any relationship build beyond the fantasizing (which was like 3/4 of the story).

Margaret's parts in this book was a little confusing. First she was the matchmaker and then she was the evil bad lady who kidnapped a pregnant Nathan and tried to get a ransom. Alexei losing his inheritance was just sad. I wished he could have had it all and had the funds to take care of Nathan.

Two stars for the idea and the whatever portions of the story weren't part of some sort of fantasy.

I didn't bother reading the second story included in the book.