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Fragments of Forever

Fragments of Forever - Leah Ross I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Featured in the book is four short stories following a different William Hannigan and Jonathan Morgan (think reincarnation, same guys alternative time period for each story).

In the first story Executive Decision, William is the unhappy assistant to the company VP, Jonathan. William thinks Jonathan is a brat and Jonathan acts like one to keep William at a distant. But feelings are a bit tricky and Jonathan find himself failing to adhere to the boundaries he's set.

Jonathan was a hard character for me to like. He was just a bit of a jerk and his actions didn't redeem him in my eyes at the end. Also had I not read the blurb or message to readers at the start of the book Jonathan admitted feeling of love would have appeared to be weird and rushed (since he has only been in Denver for four months meaning he's only been working with William for those months and treating him like crap that long. They only know each in a work setting so that didn't help.). There were punctuation errors here and there. I was also a bit confused by the quotation marks in some areas, some sentences ended with it but there wasn't a set of them. Ex.

“Jonathan...” William slid away from him. Jonathan growled. Goddamn it, William!”

I just wasn't sure what was meant as banter and what was meant as one characters personal feelings and thought.

In Guarded, William is a down on his luck contract carpenter who has a drinking problem that only got worse after his ex, Jai, an exotic dancer leaves him. Jonathan serves as William's guardian angel. Wanting to help William before it's too late, Jonathan appears before him. When William tells him to shove it. Jonathan takes matters into his own hand and goes against what William wants instead providing him with what he needs.

Jonathan's tale of his death and how he became a guardian angel was fascinating and I liked reading that particular part. I enjoyed everything except for Jai, who was a surprise upon himself...sweet ending though.

Song of the Caged Bird is a new adult story. William has just transferred from the University of Virgina to the University of Colorado a few weeks into the semester. There he joins the choir and is situated next to Jonathan, whom seems to hate him for no reason at all. But with William's charm and beautiful voice and some urging from friends Jonathan rectifies that and invites William to be part of his music group. When the group gets a break be on tv, William find his past finally catching up to him.

It was engaging to see the author work some of the secondary characters into the other stories in this one.

The fourth and last story Pieces of You, Jonathan and William are an established couple and can communicate telepathically. They call themselves pirates and along with a friend run a touring company. The two go on vacation at a camping resort that their company is considering as a potential addition to their company route. While vacationing, William finds himself getting sucked into an alternative universe and trying to find his way back to his loved ones.

I wanted a bit more world building. I felt a few questions bubble up at the very start about Jonathan's wings, their ability to communicate telepathically, what type of world they lived in etc. The basis were nice but I wanted a bit more detail. The open relationship/ménage à trois thing with Jai, Jonathan and William kind of took me by surprise and bothered me a bit. William's explanation of his relationship with Jai and Jonathan just soured the story for me a bit. They all were cute interacting but after reading three stories with Jonathan and William being monogamous and each others soulmate adding Jai to the mix was hard to reconcile. The ending was sweet although I question how William managed to send the other William (the winged one) to the Jai and Jonathan.