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Reckless Heart

Reckless Heart - Amanda Young 3.5 stars

Milo Santiago is eighteen year old trying to make enough money to go to college and build a life for himself after he is thrown out by his parents for being gay. He's staying with his brother, Dante (see book 1 in series). When a gorgeous guy (Campbell Brooks) walks into the restaurant he works in, Milo can't help but to approach the guy only to be quickly shot down. Campbell isn't really the emotional or committment type. The two eventually come to a understanding and start up a relationship that benefits them both. But when one of them comes to the realization they've fallen for the other things may not end well.

I enjoyed the story but I wished it was more fleshed out. The epilogue skipping seven years into the future left me wanting more. I was interested finding out what happened between those years. It's not exactly the only part I wanted to know more about but it was what it was. Milo and Cam seemed to evenly balance each other and I liked that they had to work to make their relationship work.

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.