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The Wolf and the King

The Wolf and the King - Tami Veldura 3.5 stars

A really short rushed read with not much world building. Kaleb is a tiger shifter, prince and next in line to be king. The only obligation he had to perform before taking the throne is marriage. He wants to marry for love and that means finding his true mate. The regent and head advisor is pushing Kaleb to mate with any high ranking noble. When Kaleb meets the eye a of his true mate during a procession in the kingdom he can't help but be drawn even though it turns out his mate is a low class/rank wolf shifter. But before the two can even get close to each other Kaleb is rushed away and Parker, his mate, is barred from getting close to the royal. Parker can't give up though and will do anything to get to his mate.

I wanted this to be longer, I was a tad bored at the start. The book is only about five chapters though so the events unfold quickly. There wasn't any time to get to know the characters well or get a really good hold on how society in this world is. Readers just know that tigers are on top and wolves are on the bottom tier in society. The hierarchy was what intrigued me about the story and I wished the author had more time to delve into it. The chemistry didn't hurt either. I liked that Kaleb and Parker just couldn't help themselves when they came into contact. Overall not a bad read to pass the time and there were some really intriguing tidbits and beliefs about the world the author spun in this story.

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.