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Sins of the Father (Wilde Love Book 2)

Sins of the Father (Wilde Love Book 2) - Sam Burns Keegan Quinn is the son of a powerful mob boss. He use to partake in the business until a tragic event forced him out of the family business. Keegan is now the upstanding owner of a restaurant. However, that doesn't stop the FBI from dropping by to conduct interviews to see if Keegan will give up any information about his father.

Agent Jon Brookfield is tasked with the interviews and checking out leads. He doesn't expect Keegan to a gorgeous specimen of a man. He also doesn't expect to be threatened with a date.

Jon can't help the pull he feels toward Keegan and decided he wants to pursue a relationship with Keegan. That means giving up his position on the team investigating Keegan's father. Just as their relationship is blossoming. Keegan's father becomes ill, an ex comes out of the wood works, and a rival group comes out to test the Quinn's mob.

I liked this story. I liked that loyalty was the main theme of things and that family was projected as important. I loved the family dynamic between Keegan and his family, his friends and his staff. I likes that Jon was so protective of Keegan after only knowing him for a short time. Jon's family being so cool with Jon decision about Keegan and his family was cool.

A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.