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Looking For Love (Semper Fi, The Forever Faithful Series) (Volume 2)

Looking For Love (Semper Fi, The Forever Faithful Series) (Volume 2) - Stella Starling A great addition to the series. This story focuses on Zach Hunter, who readers first meet in Gabe and Jake's story "Ready For Love (Semper Fi, The Forever Faithful Series Book 1)". Zach has been looking to settle down but he's finding it hard to find "the one" but he hasn't given up hope. His elderly neighbor is also praying that he'll meet the one.

Micah Finn Rawlings use to blind but after a successful operation, a year ago, his relative small world has become huge. He has to relearn the things that come so easily for individuals who have always had sight. During one of his outing to people watch, he catches sight of Zach and can't help but be drawn to him. Before he knows it, he finds himself literally falling down at Zach's feet. Zach being the help and caring medic, comes to Micah's aid.

This was a wonderful read and I loved getting to see little tidbits of Jake and Gabe. Reading the view and perception of the world from Micah's standpoint was quite refreshing and very thought provoking. Micah's family and Zach's supportive friends were all awesome and made the story even more enjoyable. I hated Janae and I just wanted to shake Zach for falling for her trickery.

A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.