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Reload - Casey Ashwood 3.5 stars

This one picks up with Jaco and his love interest Sean. Everything seems to settle in Jaco life after the terrible ordeal he's experienced at the hand of his ex-boyfriend. Jaco is trying to piece his life back together, he's got a semblance of his life back although he still is a bit jumpy and withdrawn. But knowing his ex has been caught helps a great deal. He's ready to try getting back out on the dating scene.

Sean is a detective and is an acquaintance/coworker of Jaco's cousin. When Jaco steps in front of his moving car he worries for him. But Jaco rebuffs his help. Another meeting is in the works when Jaco signs up for a dating site on the very same day Sean just happens to check a dating website he had been inactive on. They correspond with each other until the two meet face to face when Jaco introduces the two. When things really start looking up for Jaco, things seems to start going wrong.

I enjoyed the start of it but as I got further into the read my attention started to wane. Sean and Jaco were likeable characters but I felt they could get a bit sappy. Usually I don't mind but I just wasn't in the mood for it.

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.