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Duty, Honor, Sacrifice

Duty, Honor, Sacrifice - Angela S. Stone A must read.

I found this story about Logan Weber and Chris Muller to be a relatively well-written story with a captivating plot and somewhat funny and entertaining characters.

The beginning was interesting and grabbed my attention from the get go. The relationship between Logan and Chris and the initial mention of older man/ younger man confused me quite a bit but the writing style was so good, I kept on reading and it all came together about a quarter of the way through. I especially love the supernatural / psychic powers the characters have and how the author explained and weaved this into the story.

Noel, Chris’ little boy, was crafted as such a strong, resilient and happy 5 year old that he served as another pivotal character you just couldn't stop reading the novel just to find out more about.

The love story between Chris and Logan, once you found out their history and their backgrounds, was well written and touching. The love scenes were steamy and their overall love story and interaction just makes your heart pitter patter along with them. The supporting characters in the story are strong and well defined and add extra layers to the story. The author really made me feel like the other novels in this series are an absolute must-read while still making this novel stand in its own.

A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.