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Learning To Feel - N.R. Walker 3.5 stars

N.R. Walker has made me almost cry or kind of teary eyed in all the stories I've read from her so far and this one was no different. The budding relationship between Nathan and Trent was fun to watch. The only problem for me with this was that it occurred much too quickly. Nathan who I guess would have identified as asexual or straight with a very low sex drive, quickly accepts that he has feelings for Trent and seems okay with it. Then he becomes a bit of a sex maniac with the amount of times they're all over each other. I'm not complaining, far from it I just wished it could have been a bit more realistic.

There were also a few sections that were repetitive in the book and as I was reading it I had to make sure I was reading a different passage and not the same one again.

Nathan's family were cool and I thought the moment Nathan came out to them was hilarious and cute.