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Aftermath - Cara Dee I usually don't like stories where there is cheating but I have to say I didn't mind it here. Both Austin and Cam have gone through a horrible ordeal and they need each other after being held captive and abused for a little more than 5 months.

The time it took to piece their story together took patience and I'm glad I had it since readers get pieces of flashbacks from both Austin and Cam. It was interesting but could get a little frustrating if you just want to know why Cam, Austin and the other men were taken and what the psycho was going to do with them. Their relationship development did help to fuel my need to complete the book.

Austin's wife didn't even rate pitying or sadness from me (which usually happens when I learn a relationship has failed). She was such a horrible person for brushing off Austin's feelings and telling him to just get over the crime he was a victim of. She wasn't supportive like a spouse should have been and I was glad when Austin confronted her.

I'm looking forward to seeing the next installment when it's available.