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Cross Purposes (Chronicles of Ylandre #5) - Eressë There was a point where I felt the misunderstanding was too similar to Heartstring and I have to admit there was a moment where I was thinking not again...and my heart felt like it was being stomped on. I grew to really love Keosqe and Tristen while reading the book so when the misunderstanding between the two occurred I tried to keep the tears of sorrow in (man, was my nasal passages burning up). But as the author pointed it out in the story when Ren was giving Keosqe advice, similar misunderstandings have happened to the previous MC's featured in the series. I didn't love this book like I loved the first 3, but there were certain things (which I won't post because of spoilers) that I did like about the book. I think a couple of re-reads will change my mind over time.

Eresse has wonderful way of pulling emotions from her readers and she weaves a fantastic story with great world building, character building and relationship development. I'm really looking forward to reading the next installment to the series.