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Mixed Tape Volume 3 - Kris Jacen,  Gwynn Marssen,  Silvia Violet,  Sara York,  Jade Buchanan,  Benjamin Cole,  D.H. Starr 3.5 stars

Broken Wings by Jade Buchanan
Nathan is revisited by an old flame who he's still trying to get over. Tim left Nathan to pursue his career but now he's back for good and hopes to resume their relationship.

Irked me a bit, I thought Nathan gave in a little too easily. Tim came off as a little overbearing/pushy.

I'll Be Watching You by Benjamin Cole
POV changes in this story a few times.

Story starts off with Brendan weeping over an unconscious man, telling the unconscious man he loves him. As the unconscious man awakens, Brendan proceeds to strangle him to death. All the while proclaiming his love for his victim. Angel is sitting somewhere in the shadows and has witnessed all of this. He tries not be discovered and waits for Brendan to leave before approaching the dead man, someone Angel knows very well. If you haven't guessed it. Yes, Brendan is a stalker and he can't help himself when he finds someone he becomes infatuated with.

Andy is at the movies with a friend and he's a movie talker (someone who likes to talk in the theater). Henry, is sitting a seat behind Andy and is highly annoyed from Andy's talkative nature during the movie. He shows his displeasure by moving seats and grumbling. They later run into each other and Andy introduces himself and manages yet again to run Henry off.

Brendan needs an electrician because his electronics have been acting up and Andy is the electrician sent out to aid him. Fate just wants to pull these two together because Henry and Andy meet once again. Unbeknownst to them both, Andy has managed to catch Brendan eye. Brendan just knows Andy and him are fated to be together. He just has to get Andy to see.

One of my favorite stories in this book. It was suspenseful and I enjoyed reading about Henry and Andy. Angel added a nice paranormal touch to the story and I was looking forward to seeing how he would get justice.

Is It Me You Are Looking For by Gwynn Marssen
Luke and Morris are neighbors and good friends. Luke isn't the commitment type and well Morris is and he's looking for "puppies, rainbows and fireworks". A night out at the clubs makes them both aware that there's something more than friendship there. Luke is in denial and Morris knows that Luke won't commit so he tries to move on when he meets Stephen. Luke realizes his mistake after meeting Stephen. Is he too late to show Morris he can change?

Another one of my favorites in this anthology. Morris and Luke were cute and it was fun reading and imagining their interaction with each other.

Crazy For You by D.H. Starr
Michael is hanging with friends in a gay club. When he tries to get closer to the nights entertainment he finds himself blocked by a handsome guy wearing parachute pants who introduces himself as Adam. The two really hit it off.

A sweet story with hopeful notes and romantic beginnings for Michael and Adam.

I Want To Know What Love Is by Sara York
Bill and Nick meet in the spring of their freshman(?) year. They fall in love and before the semester ends, they become each others firsts. They make promises for the fall semester and proclaim their love for each other before leaving for home. However, over the summer Bill father passes away and Bill ends up having to break it off with Nick. Nick is heartbroken. Several years pass, Nick is now in a band acting as a bass player on tour and in one particular show manages to injure himself. He goes for therapy after his knee surgery and it's there that he's reunited with Bill. While both are pleasantly surprised, Nick isn't sure he has it in himself to give Bill another try.

Another one I really liked. I loved reading about Nick and Bill at the beginning stages of their relationship. Bill was a sweetheart for not pressuring Nick into sex and just letting their relationship naturally progress and build.

Open To The Past by Silvia Violet
Pax has had a crush on his brother's friend, Brad, since he was fifteen years old. Twenty years have passed and Pax has lost contact with Brad for ten of those years. Out of the blue, Brad writes Pax letting him know that he's coming back for his twentieth class reunion. The two meet up, talk, discover secrets that were being kept by Rob, Pax's brother, and find out they're mutually attractive to each other and that they've been crushing on each other for a long time. Brad invites Pax as his date to his reunion. Pax agrees to go but he's unwilling to start up anything with Brad and he makes that clear to Brad. Will Brad be able to change Pax mind in the end?

I really enjoyed this story until I got towards the end. Pax split minute decision after seeing the CD was too cliche for me and it came off as rushed.