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Mixed Tape Series Volume #1 - Logan Zachary,  Parker Williams,  Sabrina Luna,  C.J. Anthony,  Gina A. Rogers,  T.A. Chase,  Kris Jacen I was going to write a well detailed review but I don't have the time so I'll just write a quick one. My favorites of this anthology was 500 miles by Parker Williams and Heaven by C.J. Anthony Both were sweet friend to lover themed stories and exactly what I was looking for when I paid $14.99 for this book. I highly recommend them to start with if your a looking for a sweet (but not overly so) and cute romantic read. I believe the stories are now available to buy individually, you can pick and choose which one sounds good to you.

The other stories in the book were good but just they didn't draw my attention like 500 miles and Heaven did. Loved the song choices though and I found myself humming the tunes I knew (which were 4 of the 6, the others I had to look up).