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Devil's Night - S.L. Armstrong, Kristen Pavka, Alina Ray, Azalea Moone, K. Piet, Tali Spencer 3.5-ish

Four stories that are themed around hell and/or the devil's advocates. There are two stories out of the four that has (or almost has) a happy ending (they were my favorite of the bunch) and the others just end leaving reader's wanting more.

The Devil's Midway by SL Armstrong & K Piet
Thaddeus has sacrificed his soul for the one's he loves and is in the service of the demon Belial. As part of his service to Belial, Thaddeus, manages Le Carnaval du Diable, a traveling carnival that does more than entertain. Even though the devil owns Thaddeus soul, Thaddeus still hasn't lost all his humanity and is constantly at a struggle to resist Belial'c charm and completely fall. Then a day comes when a demon hunter comes to the carnival to eradicate the demon in charge.

Hell Bound by Alina Ray
Craig awakes in darkness and finds himself walking a long a path where he eventually reaches three red skinned burly men. He's taken to a room by Karawan, one of the three demons. Craig finds out that he's passed away and he's in hell and the only way to leave is to feel remorse for his actions. The problem is Craig has no recollection of his life. Until Craig's memories come back, Karawan will be the one dishing out punishments that are intended to inflict pain not pleasure. To Karawan's bewilderment, Craig seems to like that pain he's being given. Karawan and Craig relationship start to develop beyond that of a torturer and torturee. As Craig gets back his memory, it becomes questionable whether or not Craig actually belongs in hell. Will Craig leave Karawan if he's given the chance to ascend to heaven?

When the Hounds Come Out to Play by Azalea Moone
It's Halloween and it's the one night the hounds are allowed out to play. Ryu, is like a prospective college student waiting to go out on his own for the first time. He's looking for a fun night after being stuck in a graveyard for so long. He blows off looking for lost souls with his partner and decides to hit up a party. He shifts into human form, scaring a car full of party goers. Walking around in nothing more than a top and a garbage bag fashioned into a diaper, Ryu is picked up by Grant who mistakes him for Jalen. Grant gets him properly dressed and they then go to a club. Ryu runs into his partner who informs him, he's there tracking a lost soul by the name of Grant. Ryu volunteers to bring the soul back and proceeds to have a good night with Grant. Readers get the back story between Jalen and Grant and what lead to Grant becoming a lost soul.

The Seventh Sacrifice by Tali Spencer
Beltrane, a Spanish descendant of conquistadores, is visiting a female cousin who been attacked viciously by an ex-boyfriend. Being begged by the cousin, Beltrane does her bidding and goes to Kitara, a sorcerer, for a charm to exact revenge on the man who has wronged his cousin. At their first meeting, both MC's are very attracted to each other. Kitara manages to get a promise from Beltrane to meet again that night. It's then that Beltrane discovers Kitara is more than he appears to be.