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My Neighbor, The Incubus - Penelope Rivers 2.5 stars

A lot of sexual tension and acts going on in this book. Gavin is a major ladies man but finds that lately he's not been very satisfied with his sex life. Then one night he's out with friends at a bar and sees a guy. Being straight he's a bit shocked that he's feeling attraction for a guy he just laid eyes on. He rushes out of there and home. Weird events start happening: he's waking up feeling as if someone's been watching him, he keeps thinking about the stranger at the bar, he hears from his next door neighbors that there was an intruder in their house telling them to "move out," one second and then disappearing in the next. He has a run in with the guy at the bar when he's out trying to pick up a bedroom companion, etc. Then one night the guy at the bar shows up in his bedroom and Gavin finds himself unable to move while the stranger does wicked things to him. The stranger introduces himself as Laurence and states he's an incubus and promptly makes an offer Gavin can't refuse.

The story is relatively straight forward and there isn't really too much development. The blurb pretty much spells out what's going to happen and I think we all know how it's going to end (or better yet already know how it ends).