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As Spring Rain - Valentina Heart As incest/twincest stories goes this was an okay book. It was a bit darker story than I thought it would be. I have to give the author props for painting a picture of how unstable Gabriel and Michael were.

A lot of people these days are a bit like Gabriel or at the very least have gone through the emotions or knows someone who has experienced something like this. They fall into depression and aren't happy with themselves or their situation and the only way to relieve the pain is through cutting. Then there are those who want something so bad like Michael, so he just sits there and stews until he find an opening or loses control. So when M sees he has a chance with G he just takes it even though he knows G is bleeding all over the place. He knows his brother won't die from such an injury because of the previous self inflicted scars so he proceeds to show G that there is hope. That through all that pain there's pleasure and something to live for.