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A King's Ransom - Aislinn Kerry 3.5 stars

There's a lot of seduction and passion between the two MC's in this book. Nearly every chapter in the book has a intimate scene between the two MC's. There was a lot of cause for blushing and fanning oneself. Even with all that there is a nice little plot and the characters can be quite endearing. It's worth the read if you love historical romances and love to see love building between the MC's.

For me, rating the book was hard, I kept going between 3 and 4 stars. There were two occasions that I started getting bored with the book because of all the sex but there was always something there that kept me reading. Luke was quite cute and Conall, at first irked my soul but I found him to be really appealing later on. Mrs. Ginnings behavior at times gave me a good laugh.