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Prove It - Chris Owen This was sweet story about childhood friends become lovers. Personally I feel that for those who haven't yet read any glbt stories or read yaoi before this maybe one good book to pick up and read. It fairly light in details about sexual encounters compared to other books.

What I loved about the book?

I loved that the story started up from the characters childhood and detailed their lives from their hate-love friendship to relationship. A bit cliche maybe knowing that saying about people only bullying those they love. But it was nicely written and who an resist this type of story?

Warren is so serious and well....Silas less so but their relationship together helps to balance them out. I don't know about other readers but for me I love to see change happen in the name of love.

Tal is a great friend for buffering the relationship between Warren and Silas. Having two gay best friends couldn't have been easy but I loved that he stuck by them, gave advice, and tried to help to smooth out their relationship.

The humorous conversation between the friends kept me amused and ultimately kept me wanting more. I love dialogues in which I an get to know the characters and feel their growth.

Ultimately, I love that Warren made Silas work to win him over. And that Silas really wanted to do show Warren he was serious about him and took an at of celibacy for him. For those of you who've had read read this book you know how hard that was for him seeing as it was mentioned he was "getting some" every two days or so.