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Mixed Tape Series Volume #2 - Kris Jacen, Embry Carlysle, Megan Slayer, Lex Valentine, Rob Rosen, Diana DeRicci, Christopher Koehler An expensive buy but well worth the cash. I really enjoyed a majority of the stories in this one. There were 4 stories that I really liked and will probably will go back to read:

How Soon Is Now by Christopher Koehler
It's Raining Men by Diana DeRicci
Never Goin' to Let You Go" by Embry Carlysle
Save Your Love For Me by Lex Valentine

It was fun reading all of them, I enjoyed learning about the character, seeing the MC's interact with each other and watching their chemistry build.

Up Where We Belong by Rob Rosen was a nice story but I felt it was the shortest of all the stories featured in the anthology (it might have been I don't know what the length was). When reading it I felt like I had just started it when the story ended. It moves quickly and there's no time to really connect with the MC's or see the growth of their relationship.

Living On My Own by Megan Slayer: there's some light bdsm in this one. I liked this story well enough but it didn't really stick with me.

I love the song choices for this one. It made me want to play the songs along with the stories, but then again I wanted to do that with the first volume.