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Bad Blood

Bad Blood - Shannon West more of a 2.5 than a 3 stars
Not really big on the romance. More of a instant attraction story if anything else. Blaine and Kerrick meet when Blaine goes to investigate who had entered his pack lands. Blaine is the alpha of the Greys and Kerrick is the alpha of the Dire wolves. When Blaine is approached publicly in front of the pack about a merging of their pack an accident occurs. Which in turn resulted in the Dire wolf staging an siege on pack land until Blaine and his pack was subdued.

For a short story it was an interesting read. There wasn't much background on the Dire wolves but there was some background on Blaine and why he was alpha although he didn't think himself really suited for the position. Blaine and Kerrick getting together and the bit of conflict was good. I would have like some build up but can't really complain since it was such a short read. Kerrick's pushiness was pushing a fine line for me. I was a bit scared Blaine would end up a doll with no control at all.