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Penal Station 05

Penal Station 05 - Valentina Heart There was many things about this story I liked and then there was also things about this story that just didn't hold up for me. The world building was great as was the character building. I loved hearing about Sar and picking up tidbits about how he came to be who he was in the prison. I wish readers had been given the story of why he was the most feared prisoner and his rise in hierarchy. Jared was only told two or so stories on page and the rest off page (or so it was suggested).

I was disappointed with the relationship development. It felt like Jared and Sar barely knew each other or interacted in the story before they fell in love with each other. Jared really took everything in stride, even his "rape" from an apologetic Sar.

The addition of the Bilos brothers felt a bit forced. Up to that point the story was going in a decline and with them there was a certain injection of intrigued but again it felt misplaced.

The story felt incomplete where it ended. I was curious about what Jared and Sar would do with their new situation? If the Bilos brothers had really met their end considering what happened to the station. How many survivors there were and if this would be an issue for Jared and Sar later. Whether or not Jared had been conditioned or if the Bilos brothers had made a huge mistake and been misinformed, etc.