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Bait - Lissa Ford An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Opposites attract in the form of Danny O'Prey, an FBI agent and Alexi Romanov, an leather bar owner/ex-gangbanger. Danny was the bait that was suppose to entrap Alexi. It worked but in turn made the two realize that there's an magnetic attraction between the two. But it's important the two find the mastermind of the extortion ring before they go to ground taking their victims with them, ruins their life and expose their relationship.

The plot was good, I did wish there was just a tad more action involved. For me the amount of romance/lust worked. I liked that the author built up the MCs and the progression of their relationship was very natural albeit a bit whirlwind-ish. I don't usually like reading stories set in places I know since I nitpick at the accuracy of the places/traveling systems. This book didn't change my mind on that and the inaccuracy of somethings just lowered my reading pleasure.

I did like the last two chapters in particular. I love the thought of giving up someone to make sure they don't have any regrets and this really worked here. I'm looking forward to seeing what the next installments have for readers.

There was a part in Chap13 the author should look into regarding Alexi wrists being bound by one of Danny's hand while he's feeling up Alexi...and Alexi somehow reaches his bound hands to feel Danny up?