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When the Stars Go Cold

When the Stars Go Cold - Destiny Kyle At the start it was confusing but as the story unfolded everything was coming together.

In the prologue Gerard is married to Avin. In chapter 1 which takes place three months later Gerard's brother is planning to marry Avin, who has been avoiding Gerard.

Avin is a bearer and marrying one is considered a great honor. Avin is engaged to Akond for 6 years and their wedding is continously being placed on hold/rescheduled because of issues on both sides. Fed up with it, Avin makes a rash decision and ends it with Akond. Avin finds himself in a peculiar situation with his heat just days away. He's scrambling to find a partner. Gerard, is Akond's half brother and good friend to Avin. When he finds a distressed Avin crying he comforts/talks to him. When Avin suggests Gerard can help him out, their relationship develops into something neither expected. The story spans their ten year relationship

When I read the prologue and then started the first chapter I wasn so sure this would be a story I wouldn't be able to finish. I'm really glad I stuck it out though to see how Avin and Gerard's relationship became so tattered.

I wanted to know more about the Dragonwanderer. It seemed like a very cool ship.

The ending was nice. I wish Avin could have firmly put Akond in his place because he was a douche bag . But I was glad to see Avin finally tell him off. I really liked this story and hope to see more by this author.