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Nothing Special

Nothing Special - A.E. Via I liked the relationship dynamic between both characters. The author did a wonderful job in showcasing God's badassness. Anyone who love alpha males with a heart will love seeing these two characters together. There are a lot of hot steamy sex scenes but also a interesting backstory (I was intrigued about why there was a rift in God's relationship with his mom and little brother) for God and some info about Day. The action and cases the two are involved in are there but not as prominent as the sex scenes or the building of Leo and Cash's relationship from friends and partners to lovers. It was a good read. There was fun banter and a little porn-ish dirty talk during the sex.

I was a bit bother by how easily the drama with God's family was resolved. I mean he practically had several years of being disowned and his brother, Genesis was violent towards him a couple of time. I understand there was miscommunication and they didn't know the whole story but still. God had tried to explain but they never gave him the chance. I know he was hard up on love but I would have love to see his mom and brother show him how sorry they were or something grand gesture.

The group sex or whatever with Johnson, Ronowski, God and Day was hot but at the same time threw me off way off. It was really unexpected.