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Signed and Sealed

Signed and Sealed - B.A. Stretke First off I want to say this was like reading a Harlequin/Silhouette romance. I really really liked it. There was a bit of a marriage of convenience trope so if you like that I definitely recommend this story.

Right from the start I liked William. I wasn't quite sure what make of Elijah but by the end he really grew on me. I really liked that the two got to know each other and the point of view shifted to different characters so we got the whole effect of how everyone was feeling and how they were affected by the events that were taking place.

Emotionally, I felt I was put through a wringer. I felt so sad for William at the way Elijah was treating him and the restriction of his freedom. I absolutely disliked William's sister she was a total witch for tricking him and Martin.

I did have a few questions:

Elijah's a rich guy and I thought he could have hired a private investigator to investigate William at the start instead of questioning whether William was a liar/gold digger.

There's a scene in chapter 2. Katrina calls William while he's a prisoner at Elijah's house...how did she get the phone number for that room and no one knew or questioned it? Was there a separate line? Through out the book she continues to do so. Elijah knowing about it twice only.